Importers of German industrial hand tools, automotive & autobody tools, wrenches pliers sockets screwdrivers,  and Spray guns produced by ANI of Italy.
ELORA Werkzeugfabrik GmbH
Founded in 1924 manufacturers of top
quality German industrial hand tools
made in Germany
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Insulated Electricians tools
shears   tin snips  hacksaws
nut drivers screwdrivers phillips flat tamper resistant torx
sockets ratchets extentions XZN Torx Hex Sockets
wrenches - combination   open end   slugging   box end
clamping pliers
Auto Body hammers - planishing   shrinking   dinging    pick
German hand tool sets
Measuring tools
Auto Body
automotive tools for special applications
Dollies - toe   railroad  hand anvils   body spoons    shrinking
punches and chisels
Wad and gasket punch cutters
special auto body tools
Gasket Scraper
Warding File Set - with Wooden handles
Torque wrenches &
Screw / Bolt
Impact Drivers
& Impact Tools
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Bolt Extractors
Special Auto Body Tools
Grip Ring Pliers
Adjustable Vixen File Holder
Clamping Pliers
Auto body Dollies
Combination Pliers
Auto body Hammers
Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Bending Pliers
Cutting Tools
Electronics pliers
Bordering Pliers
Aviation Snips
Needle Nose Pliers
Door Hinge Wrench Set
Bolt Cutters
Side Cutters
Gasket punches
Slip Joint Pliers
Fender Bending Pliers
Hack Saws
Flanging Pliers
Hand Files
Mercedes Clip tool
Rebar Cutters
Moulding Wedge
Revolving Hole Punches
Plug Weld Pliers
Adjustable Wrenches
Vixen Files
Box End Wrenches
Hex Sockets
Tin Snips
Extra Short Box End Wrenches
Wad Punches
Special Auto Tools
Box End Slugging Wrenches
1/4 Inch Drive Socket Sets
Belt Pulley Counter Wrench
Construction Box Wrenches
3/8 Inch Drive Hex Sockets
Brake Service Tools
Obstruction Wrenches
Nut Drivers
Brake Spring Pliers
Short Box End Wrenches
T Handle Nut Drivers
1/2 Inch Drive Metric Hex Sockets
Wire Brush
Combination Wrenches
1/2 Inch Drive American Fractional
Hex Sockets
Ball End Hexagon Screwdrivers
American Fractional Combination
Torx Screwdrivers
Glow Plug Wrench
1/2 Inch Drive Socket Sets
Diesel Crown Socket
Metric Combination Wrenches
3/4 Inch Drive Sockets
T Handle Torx Screwdrivers
Diesel Injection Nozzle Socket
Extra Short Combination Wrenches
3/4 Inch Drive Socket Sets
Tamper Proof Torx Screwdrivers
Gasket Scraper
Flare Nut Line  Wrenches
T Handle Tamper Proof Torx
Hose Clamp Pliers
Open End Wrenches
1 Inch Drive Hex Sockets
Injection Pipe Wrench
Midget Open End Wrenches
Lambda Probe Socket
Open End Obstruction Wrenches
Hex Bits
Impact Drivers
Lambda Probe Wrench
Single End open end Wrenches
1/4 Inch Drive Hex Bits
Open End Slugging Wrenches
3/8 inch Drive Hex Bits
Drain Plug Wrench
Pipe Wrenches
Measuring & Marking
Oil Filter Socket
Swivel Socket Wrenches
Impact Sockets
Brass Slide Caliper
Piston Reset Tool
Spanner Wrenches
Digital Vernier Micrometer
Pre-Chamber Crown Socket
1/2 inch drive Impact Sockets
Precision center square
Precision Dial Indicator
Hook Spanner Wrenches
3/4 inch drive Impact Sockets
Precision Dial Indicator
Radiator Petcock Socket
1 inch drive Impact Sockets
Precision Outside Micrometer
Spark Plug Service Tools
Pecision Vernier Calipers
Spark Plug Boot Pliers
Strap Wrench
Steel Marking Gage
T Handle Spark Plug Wrench
Torque Wrenches
Steel Protractor
Tubular Spark Plug Wrench
Torx Wrenches
Torx Bits
Tape Measures
Zero Offset Box Wrenches
1/4 Inch Drive  Torx Bits
Torque Wrenches
Valve Service Tools
3/8 Inch Drive Torx Bits
Valve Spring Compressor
1/2 Inch Drive Torx Bits
Electricians Tools
Valve Spring Depressor
Insulated Cable Knives
Valve Stem Seal Pliers
Torx Sockets
Insulated Diagonals
Wire Twister
XZN Bits
Insulated Dikes
Wheel Weight Pliers
Screwdriver Sockets
Insulated Hex Drivers
Socket Accessories
Insulated Linesman Pliers
Insulated Needle Nose Pliers
Insulated Nut Drivers
Hex Key Sets
1/4 Inch Drive Socket Sets
Insulated Pliers
Torx Key Sets
3/8 Inch Drive Socket Sets
Insulated Screwdrivers
1/2 Inch Drive Socket Sets
Torque Multipliers
3/4 Inch Drive Socket sets
Insulated Water Pump Pliers
Insulated Wire Strippers
Hex Keys
Torx Keys
Ball End Hex Keys
Ball End Torx Keys
Long Hex Keys
Tamper Resistant  Torx Keys
Standard Torx Keys
T handle hex drivers
Torx Screwdrivers
Ball End Hexagon Screwdrivers
Ball End Torx Screwdrivers
HOT Deals
T Handle Torx Screwdrivers
Tamper Proof Torx Screwdrivers
Cutting Tools
Electricians Tools
Torque, Measuring,
& Marking
Auto Body
Special Auto
Tool Sets
Punches &
Wad & Gasket
Autobody tools
Gasket Scrapers
Bearing Scrapers
Hex Keys
Torx Keys
New Elora Tool
BTR takes pride as the Official Distributor
for Elora german tools in the United States.
Click here to go to see Elofort tools offered by Elora Werkzeugfabrik
Elofort Tools are offered by Elora Werkzeugfabrik of Germany
as a cost effective source of quality hand tools.  For decades,
craftsmen and other professionals have placed their trust in
ELOFORT products with good reason, ELOFORT stands for top
quality and user compatible tools in accordance with German
industrial standards.  Elofort tools are made to DIN and ISO
standards under the direction of Elora Werkzeugfabrik
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